As part of Dubai’s development to boost its tourism, several parks have been developed to provide the public place to unwind and relax. These parks also serve as an added attraction to the tourists coming to the city.

Most parks are open to public from 8:00am to 10:00pm. Entrance fees ranges from 2-5 dirhams per person. Some parks allow vehicle entry with affordable charge. In general, it is always safe to stay and stroll in Dubai parks even at night. Prohibiting alcoholic drinks inside the parks help a lot in the maintenance of peace and order within the vicinity of the parks. Barbeque areas are found in almost all parks to allow families and groups to cook meals if they wish to stay for longer hours.

Here are some of the beautiful public parks in Dubai:

Al Mamzar Beach and Park

This park is situated on the border of Dubai and Sharja. This is a wonderful place for family or group picnic with barbecue place to roast favorite fish and meat except pork. Admission fee per person is AED 5.

Dubai Creek or the Creekside Park

Creekside park is located between Garhoud and Maktoum bridges with a total land area of 96 hectares. This huge area makes the park the second largest. Within is the big amphitheater which can hold 1200 guests. The Dubai Dolphinarium inside add catch to the visitors who love marine animals. Added attractions are the presence of cable car and trains for fun rides. Admission fee is only AED 5.

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park is a very huge park offering lots of fun and entertainment. The entrance fee for cars is AED 10. Walking, cycling and jogging are all activities that can be done freely inside. Separate swimming pool for men and women and a horse riding center are the places to be enjoyed by park goers.

Safa Park

Special features of this park are the picnic areas, sport areas and few ponds for boating. Inside also is the playground with rides such as bumper cars and Ferris wheel. Some areas of the park are well shaded by the tall trees during daytime to protect joggers from the heat of the sun. Entrance fee is only AED 3 each visitor.

Zabeel Park

Zabeel park is where we can find the famous children’s edutainment center and amusement complex named Stargate Dubai. This park is a good place to stay for those who wish to relax while working through their computers because internet access from Etisalat is available throughout the park with affordable charges.